TMCF-OFC Merger - About the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

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Started in 2000, the Opportunity Funding Corporation (OFC) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program has made a huge impact on entrepreneurship program development at HBCU’s over the last twelve years. Entrepreneurs are key to the American enterprise and now that OFC is a new division of TMCF, TMCF will ensure the HBCU community does its part to guarantee that there is a talented and diverse pipeline of future entrepreneurs.


I. Business Plan Competition 
Each year, each participating school conducts an internal competition on business plan development and business pitch presentation. The winner of each school’s internal competition then comes to Atlanta for a national competition named, The OFC Venture Challenge. The Challenge provides entrepreneurial opportunities and experiences to students and allows them to apply classroom-learned conceptual & theoretical knowledge.

Click here to download the rules and guidelines for the competition.

II. HBCU Dean/Faculty Development Seminar
Each year, Business School Deans and Campus Faculty Members are invited to the host city for an intensive seminar conducted by leading entrepreneurship scholars and practitioners from around the country; the objective is to infuse entrepreneurship into the campus curriculum.

III. TMCF Entrepreneurial Development Program
TMCF will partner with the Gallup Organization to launch the first entrepreneurial talent assessment program for HBCUs. This unique approach of marrying science with the spirit of entrepreneurship is a key differentiator from other programs and the focus is to identify a student’s entrepreneurial talents and strengths to create jobs that will fuel our economy.


Below are important dates for the 2014 program. Stay tuned for key updates and registration information.
  • Team Selection Deadline: October 31, 2013 
  • Finish Internal Competition: February 27, 2014 
  • Submit Contact Information of Winning Team Members: March 1, 2014 
  • 2014 OFC Venture Challenge Registration Cut-off: March 15, 2014 
  • Submit Final Business Plan: March 15, 2014 
  • OFC Venture Challenge: April 10-13, 2014 (Atlanta - W Atlanta Midtown) 
  • HBCU Dean/Faculty Development Seminar: April 10-13, 2014 (Atlanta - W Atlanta Midtown)

If you are interested in becoming a sponsors of the 2014 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program please click here for a copy of the sponsorship guide.