Alabama Legislature Expects Reversal on Alabama State Budget Cuts

Facing public backlash and criticism from Alabama State University leadership, a prominent member of the Alabama House of Representatives today said that he expects full restoration of a $10 million cut to the university’s funding.

Rep. Bill Poole, Chairman of the House education budget committee, said that a majority of the committee supports a reversal of the proposed cuts, just days after the chair of the Senate education budget committee backtracked his proposal to withhold 25 percent of ASU’s state appropriations. From

The committee held a public hearing on the education budget today but took no vote. Poole said he planned to have a substitute budget bill ready by Friday for committee members to consider before meeting again next week.

ASU President Gwendolyn Boyd called for the committee to restore the money and characterized it as an “attack” on the university because other universities were not cut similarly.