For Employers

Thurgood Marshall College Fund's  (TMCF's) Talent Acquisition team developed a strategy to deliver
two key elements of our mission statement:
  • Identify and prepare member-school students who have significant leadership potential
  • Create a pipeline of highly qualified member-school students and alumni for employers
The team works with a dedicated Campus Liaison to coordinate visits and meetings with various faculty and administrators. This allows the best students to be identified and interviewed by the Talent Acquisition team. Visits are conducted with up to three members visiting a campus in a two-day format, during the first semester and one-day format during the fall semester.

The team seeks to pinpoint specific students who will contribute most to employer success. Key to this identification process is connecting our Talent Acquisition team with a representative from our partners' Human Resource, Talent Acquisition, and/or Campus Recruitment division.  The outcome of the collaboration is to gain a clear understanding of the employer's work environment, skill set criteria, and characteristics and traits sought in a candidate

Students are screened for geographic preferences, career objectives, and leadership potential. Potential leaders must demonstrate personal effectiveness competencies such as active listening skills, presentation skills, professionalism, dependability & reliability, interpersonal skills and self-awareness prior to being selected to attend TMCF's Leadership Institute or other student-focused events. It is our hope that over time, the personal effectiveness competencies will be a foundational principle from which TMCF seeks to develop future leaders to Change the World...One Leader at a Time.

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