TMCF/CDC Ambassador Program - Testimonials

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What Did Students Have to Say About The Workshop?

“My training experience at the Center of Disease Control and Prevention was outstanding. My reasoning for the descriptive word outstanding was due to the opportunities of shadowing Mr. Duncan, visiting the Emergency Response Center and the King Center, and communicating with fellow workers. The whole tour of the CDC and the workshop training was a rare opportunity that was greatly appreciated. To compliment my experience, I was able to capitalize on the understanding of knowledge that I can use and present to my current institution.”

- Bryan Blackwell, Kentucky State University

“Overall this was a great experience! We went over how to make a professional résumé, dressing professionally, and correctly articulating words. I am ready to return June 3, 2014 to start my work in IT Project Management.”

- Ja’Darius Boyce, South Carolina State University

“This program gave me great insight into what it truly means to work for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. I learned the proper way to spread awareness about public health not only to my community, but globally. Thank you for this great opportunity!”

- Allison Hester, Howard University

“The CDC/TMCF Student Ambassador Training and Workshop was truly beneficial to both my personal and professional growth. As a second year attendee, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the CDC and the programs they offer to students throughout the world. The opportunity to surround myself with like-minded individuals who share a common love for public health awareness was priceless. My experience with TMCF and the CDC has opened several doors for both my personal and professional lives throughout the past years. I honestly can say that the CDC/TMCF Student Ambassador Training and Workshop has made, and will continue to make a great impact in my life.”

- Laurel Huffman, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

“My CDC Ambassador Training and Workshop experience was truly phenomenal. Speakers assisted us with our resumes and they gave career development tips that will be extremely beneficial in the near future. I also gained information regarding the CDC and how the organization has assisted in providing a healthier global society. One of the most interesting things that occurred during this training was the experience of shadowing my mentor and seeing first-hand the different departments of the CDC. I also gained hands on experience with the Office of Safety, Health, and Environment (OSHE) under the CDC umbrella, which is where my internship will be this summer. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I plan on using the information and training to my advantage for future endeavors. I humbly thank the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the Center for Disease Control for this amazing opportunity.”

-Christopher Miller, Harris-Stowe State University