Planned Giving


Benefits To A Donor

  • Alternative ways to give/pledge to TMCF
  • Income tax deductions
  • Potential estate tax deductions
  • Potential capital gains tax deductions
  • Recognition for your gift
  • Pledges may be leveraged
  • Satisfaction of building the TMCF endowment
  • Providing TMCF with more resources to help students learn, grow and impact society

Benefits to TMCF
  • Offers alternative ways to give/pledge to TMCF
  • Expands funds available to enhance programs
  • Allows further outreach into building an endowment
  • Provides recognition opportunities to highlight the meaningful work TMCF is doing

Wills & Bequests
Your bequest to the TMCF can be simply done through a bequest in your will or trust.
  • It may be cash or other property
  • A contingent bequest can be made if other beneficiaries do not survive
  • A gift of a fraction or percentage of an estate can be made

Income Bypass Trust
Money or other assets are set aside to provide a lifetime income for as many as two individu- als. A charitable income tax deduction is created, capital gains taxes are avoided
if funded with capital gain assets.
  • Save taxes
  • Avoid capital gains
  • Increase your income (for you, your spouse, or children)
  • After payments end, the remaining assets distibuted to non profit or family.

Life Insurance
For a small sum, you can leverage a potentially large gift through life insurance.
  • Premiums are deductible
  • Make a large gift on the "installment plan" in as little as 7 years
  • Self completing upon your death, proceeds payable to TMCF

Gifts of Real Estate
Appreciated real estate may be an ideal gift to give to TMCF because of the flexibility in design, and all appreciation escapes federal income tax capital gains tax.
  • Tax deductible at full fair market value, subject to same limitations
  • Lifetime income to the donor may continue
  • May be combined with an Income Bypass Trust

Gifts of Appreciated Securities
Stocks, bonds and mutual funds that have increased in value over the years, and held for at best one year, are attractive gifts because:
  • Donor avoids capital gains tax
  • Income tax deduction
  • Management of assets may be repositioned into a higher paying income stream to TMCF

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